Alcohol/Addictions/Substance Abuse

Why is it that some people can give up so called "addictive substances" and some people can't? If it's the substance that's addictive, how do people get addicted to gambling? In order to understand the answers to these questions we first need to understand the law of higher priority. It's the sub-conscious mind's job to protect us from everything, real or imagined. The sub-conscious mind will always give priority to that in the mind that gives the greatest protection.

When someone wants to stop using a harmful substance but isn't able to, it's usually because the substance is performing a valuable service to the sub-conscious mind. It's in some way helping the sub-conscious mind to protect the individual from some painful information in the individual's consciousness. The substance is being used by the sub-conscious mind to suppress this information, and sometimes an activity can do the same thing, which is why it's possible to become addicted to gambling or sex.

Hypnosis is very effective in treating addictions because it firstly exposes the painful information the individual needs protection from. Once it's exposed it's possible to rapidly resolve this information in hypnosis. Once this information is resolved the sub-conscious dependence is broken. Once the sub-conscious dependence has been broken, the sub-conscious mind, which is there to protect will accept that the substances or activities are not helping anymore and will accept suggestions to stop using the substances or activities.

According to www.selfgrowth.com, Hypnosis may be an effective treatment for people with drug or alcohol problems. The main success factors are one, the extent to which the client is receivable for hypnosis and two, to what degree the client is willing to do what it takes to quit alcohol or drugs.

To be honest, there hasn't been very much published research or study reports about this kind of alcoholism or treatment. The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis from July 2004 refers to a study where 18 clients were followed over the last 7 years. It showed a success rate of 77%. They define success as living without drugs or alcohol for at least 1 year. 15 of those clients were classified as alcohol addicts or alcohol abusers, while the rest of them were addicted to other drugs.

The effectiveness of hypnosis depends on several factors, such as
- how long time the patient has abused alcohol or drugs
- the seriousness of the alcoholism or drug addiction
- whether the client has been hypnotised before and the effectiveness of this treatment
- whether the client is suggestible or tends to be resistant and hard to cooperate with
- the amount of alcohol/drugs consumed
- whether the alcohol/drugs are consumed alone or in a social setting
- which specific beverage consumed (liquor, wine or beer) in relation to the amount, or the specific type of drug abused
- last, but not least: how committed the client is to stop drinking/using drugs

If a person really wants to quit drinking alcohol or using drugs, he or she has to find out
- why they drink/use or to put it another way; which positive functions does the drinking/drugs have for their everyday life, and
- how can they find other and more healthy ways to deal with these functions or cope with their problems.

Drinking alcohol or using drugs could very well be seen as a way to cope with your life and the emotional problems you face in your everyday life. You cannot just get rid of this without substituting it with something else. If you undergo hypnosis without finding alternatives to substitute your previous unhealthy behaviour, you will not gain anything but an empty hole in your life. The absence of alcohol/drugs must be replaced with the presence of new skills to handle the situations in your life that you previously handled by drinking/using.

The most important question is, how big of an effort are you willing to give to get rid of your alcohol/drug problems? Don't be tempted to think that hypnosis is an passive and painless shortcut to get rid of your problem. Some people think they can just lay down on a sofa a few times and passively get hypnotised and the cravings for alcohol or drugs will disappear. You are going to have to take charge of your life and actively implement the suggestions you receive under Hypnosis. In addition, you need to develop some new ways of thinking. For people who are receivable to Hypnosis and are willing to change their way of thinking and solve their everyday problems, this kind of therapy can be very effective. Some clients have reported a substantial relief after a few sessions. Normally you can expect that the therapy will eight sessions or more.

Alcohol Cessation Can you imagine how much your life will improve if you can free yourself from the grip of alcohol? How your health will improve, how your relationships will blossom and grow, and how much better you will feel?
At Hypnosis Works! people usually free themselves from alcohol with an eight-session plan. It is crucial that the client arrives sober at the sessions.
Session 1: Introduction to Hypnosis, Training in Hypnosis
Session 2: Resolving Inner Conflict
Session 3: Reframing Alcohol Abuse by Understanding the Cause
Session 4: Training in Self-Hypnosis
Session 5: Alcohol Aversion
Session 6: Alternatives to Alcohol
Session 7: Reinforcing Alcohol Cessation
Session 8: Healthy Living
It may be necessary to book extra sessions, depending on the speed of progress made.

Freedom from Drugs So many get caught up in drugs and then feel they have no way out. If you are really serious about getting rid of this habit, the Hypnosis may be the answer for you.

The client must not be high when coming to the sessions, and may need eight or more sessions to overcome the issue once and for all.
Session 1: Introduction to Hypnosis, Training in Hypnosis
Session 2: Resolving Inner Conflict
Session 3: Reframing Drug Abuse by Understanding the Cause
Session 4: Training in Self-Hypnosis
Session 5: Drug Aversion
Session 6: Alternatives to Drugs
Session 7: Reinforcing Drug Cessation
Session 8: Healthy Living
It may be necessary to book extra sessions, depending on the speed of progress made.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on adherence to the program and suggestions made.

"Hi Hendrik, Well I am doing very well. Been surrounded by a lot of drunk people lately. I was sober on my bachelors too so I have been through the pitts and survived. I have gotten so far because of you. This is a victory for the both of us! You are the best in what you do!!! Thank you so much " ...

"Still doing well here. Its 7 days tomorrow, and I listen to your CD every night at 7pm. I'm loving my new life. I have also joined the local gym, and have been walking every night for 45 mins. No longer drink coffee or Tea at all. In fact I have cut out anything with Caffeine. I'm drinking about 10 glasses of Water per day. Eating natural fruits and taking Vit C every day. I've had a few times when I've craved, but nothing too serious. I'm taking each day by day, but will listen to your CD for as long as it takes. Thanks for helping me get my life back."

"Hi Hendrik, Hope you are well. Thought I would pop you a probably way overdue mail, to share with you where I currently find myself. I had a session with you just over a year ago […] The purpose of my visit was for you to guide/assist me with my stop smoking attempt. Initially, it was extremely difficult and I honestly thought that I had wasted your and my time. Constantly reminding myself of the important things that you taught me and opened my mind to on that day, is what helped me through the very difficult first days and weeks, maybe even months. I am very pleased to report, that since that day, I have managed to avoid that "first one" and have not had a single cigarette since. I can distinctly remember riding home that day on my motorcycle, from your place in Villeria to my home in Centurion. I was in a total state of relaxation and it was a rather tricky ride home for me. Upon arriving at home, my Wife and two Sons were eager to hear what had happened, but I was so relaxed or possibly tired, that I could not share the whole experience with them. It took sharing bit by bit over the following few days for me to share the entire experience with them. I am so happy that I did what I did back then, I'm not sure who the credit for this success should go to, you or myself. What I do know is that what you did for me on that day was very valuable and it was an experience that will remain with me for a long, long time. Thank you so much."