Weight Management with Hypnosis

Weight gain in a person is almost always an unconscious need for security or a need for protection. Until this unconscious need is resolved, no weight loss method will keep the weight off permanently. The sub-conscious mind is millions of times more powerful than the conscious mind and so overriding the sub-conscious mind with the conscious mind (or pills or diets) is short term and leads to the dreaded "yo-yo dieting effect". As soon as the conscious mind is distracted, or as soon as the pills run out, or as soon as the unconscious need returns, so does the weight.

The first goal is to permanently resolve the unconscious issue, which is easy work for a skilled Hypnotist and frequently only takes a few sessions. Once the insecurities have been dealt with in hypnosis, a hypnotic weight management program is the second phase.

At Hypnosis Works! there are two approaches when dealing with issues of weight reduction. It is up to you to decide which one will be most effective for you, depending on the amount of kilograms you want to permanently reduce. You will need to see a doctor before starting the sessions to determine whether there are any medical reasons for the weight, you will need to consult a dietician or other expert on a healthy eating plan and of course you will need to plan and exercise program.

Weight management involves a lifestyle change and will take time, determination, patience and courage. With the help of hypnosis you may just find that it is easier than you though and within your reach!